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Team S.E.A

To join our official rewards team please click on the "Team S.E.A" tab located on the top right of your desktop screen (bottom right for mobile users) and create an account!

Q: What is Team S.E.A?

A: Team S.E.A is our rewards program where you will be able to collect and manage Team S.E.A points and turn them into rewards!

Q: Is the ambassador program and Team S.E.A the same thing?

A: No, ambassadors represent the brand and gain it more exposure. Team S.E.A is our rewards program where you can collect and spend points. 

Q: Can I be an ambassador and be apart of Team S.E.A?

A: Yes, you can make an account on our website and collect points through Team S.E.A and you can also be an official ambassador and have your own discount code to use and share! Being involved in both is where you will recieve the most benefits!